Knitting fabric coating
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Now there are often customers knitting fabric coating, I summarized the, probably has the following several order way:

1. From type paper transfer coating is divided into several categories: also, a level is just use, only do positive need waterproof, do not need to breathe freely, purpose is to do with DianBu or the hospital with DianBu, etc.; the baby 2 it is waterproof breathable, used in the clothing of waterproof breathable layer. 3 it is positive transfer from type paper on film, not the ventilation function, but film is very bright, it is to make the popular apparels.

2. The skin: mostly low TPU through membrane is given priority to, suitable for warp-knitted fabric, the cloth of film of many low TPU through.

3. Hot membrane arrangement: cotton undershirt cloth or polyester ammonia undershirt cloth to use this technology more and have transparent film and color film, suitable for tight pants, clothing, is quite in fashion this year.

4. Rolling up one side of the light: fabrics luster, but this order way not resistance to water.
In general, the most expensive, the price of transfer coating quality is one of the best, the most cheap, but not light resistance to water.

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