Waterproof coating fabric is coming into gold time
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Nowadays, when will enter the sin of meiyu and season, many regions and enterprise with torrential rain and floods for over and save for a rainy day, and actively organize the relevant waterproofing coating fabric to supply all kinds of textile market waterproof coating fabric sales into gold time, not only to buy stock, and the order growing selection.

According to information, now appeared in the market waterproof coating fabric with chemical fibber fabric occupied heavily-accented screams, breed of up to hundreds of kinds of chemical fiber, both of the water-proof Oxford cows, waterproof nylon Oxford cloth, waterproof, prevent, waterproof polyester silk tower, waterproof spring and Cardiff, and mixed spinning fiber woven type of waterproof jin polyester spinning, waterproof DiMianBu, waterproof brocade cotton cloth, etc, in order to raw material is concerned, to cleanse silk fabric woven in the majority. In the coating process, tu PVC, plastic coated, rubber coated, waterproof agent processing technology, from waterproof coating purposes, not only speak fabric can be waterproof clothing, rainproof tents, and an umbrella, YuPi, prevent the rain car hood, rainproof bags, etc. This kind of fabric width for more than 150 cm, and every meters of cloth of high and low price disparity, low 5 only yuan, high up to 15 yuan. orders

The second half of this year in wujiang China Oriental silk market, whole is not ideal, fabric trading market present situation and not fire temperature, however, in all kinds of fabric finishing listed in fabric, coating fabric variety, ZhengJiDouYan, all in a new gesture to meet the four directions guest pick, a steady stream of buyer nowadays, fabric leap into "move pin ranks".

When the early winter, coating fabric give good time, no matter used to dress fabrics, or a cloth industries both popular with each passing day, the market growing sales, into one of the winter fabric market "window" one. The so-called coating fabric is a by a special process, according to the coating material with different, PVC, PU coating and half PU coating, coating process on three kinds of positive change, coating can be divided into "bead light leather, color leather, card four shell (simulation skin). This year in dress fabrics used on air moisture absorption of coating technology, so that new fabrics more comfortable. Recently to roll out new breed--" glue" optimal force for Oxford cloth, rayon, etc. Used in making bags to have polyester fabric tower, spring and spinning, Cardiff, such as cloth series, the first after dyeing products, then after coating processing, make the fabric color.

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