Waterproof breathable fabric functional composite of the testing method
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The fabrics of the exhibition in Shanghai, often encountered this kind of customers, need waterproof breathable fabric to 10000/10000 of the composite. A listen to me is dizzy, ahead, I had been told, the United States Gore fabrics can achieve the moisture permeability, general TPU high quantity through film do (face cloth + film + in cloth) also can reach 5000 moisture vapor transmission quantity. If use the Porelle or the Netherlands British Sypamtex film of high moisture vapor transmission will a few, but also can't reach 10000, and these imported film price also does not poor. That how to explain the customer will ask such high index? One possibility is our customer don't understand this line, see Gore clothes to be marked 10000/10000, so high index; There is a possibility of, also is the layman's don't understand and be some often use, is the test method is different.


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