Functional composite fabrics (your outdoor sports necessary equipment)
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With the development of science and technology, the progress of the society and the improvement of living standard, people on the quality of life of the demand is higher and higher. Textile has been covering their bodies from the cold from the basic function of beautiful, comfortable, extended to fashion, protect functions, people's consumption concept development, all kinds of intelligent, functional textile get attention and development. All kinds of intelligent, widely attention and functional textiles. Waterproof breathable textiles is people have been the pursuit of the fashion, comfortable model textiles, general textiles, fabric made in waterproof, moisture permeability, breathe freely, and other aspects of the physical properties often hit requirements. Therefore, the traditional fabrics were waterproof breathable function of consolidation is people have been yearning, it is the need of modern social life, ?

Functional fabric, just as its name implies, is to have the special function of the fabric. Such as antibacterial, radiation protection, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, and other special field need fabric. The high technology content, fabric science mainly used for military, nuclear energy, or engaged in high temperature, cold conditions. And such as: waterproof, wind, moisture permeability, moisture absorption and sweat functions of fabrics and more close to our life.

Next I mainly introduce the latter:
As people living standard rise, people often full of clothes were full of life no longer meet meal, travel, adventure, leisure, and extreme sports has become an important part of life, the clothing is an important and indispensable equipment! In the dark wet, low temperature cold and harsh environment, ordinary clothing, then you ragged need is a product to keep warm, breathe freely, comfortable at a suit of clothes, functional composite fabrics and take the role of should not be neglected.
Composite fabrics, simply say the chip is strong layers of composite material, through the pressure to become one of the bonding method, make have made the special function. This kind of fabric extremely useful, involving all aspects of life, so

Some people can't help but to ask, why composite fabrics has such a powerful function? The credit and is waterproof breathable film TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), PTFE (PTFE microporous membrane) the special properties of the!!!!!
The film is waterproof breathable holed a thin film of macromolecule polymerization, it has a large number of small pore diameter of interlinked, less than 2 μ m, therefore, the atmosphere is 20 μ m diameter of the minimum drops of water in the fog, 400 μ m diameter of rain and heavy rain, heavy rains can micro holes through the hole of the fabric surface; And for 0.0004 u m diameter of water and air can then free through. So, the roller waterproof breathable film has the function of waterproof breathable!!!!!

Now more and more complex lining factory, the product quality is good and evil people mixed up, some clothing is to have the function of the wind, but poor permeability but, was wearing very warm, but a long time and feel the body is a hot, damp feeling, or some people it doesn't rain reaction was also some rain, face, when rain wet cloth, the water is the anti, permeability didn't, the feeling and the same! So, choose functional fabric must choose professional, has DuoNian composite experience of manufacturers, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.

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